Terms & Conditions

 Terms & Conditions



Unless expressly noted otherwise, prices include: time, mileage (when applicable), chauffeur, vehicle, taxes (when applicable) and fuel and do not include tolls, parking, facilities usage, special permits and gratuity. NOTE: Additional charges may be added to your fare for requested unplanned extra stops, and lateness/ tardiness by the customer, for any damage to the vehicle and excessive cleanup, as explained in the section Cleanup and Damage Fees.


Minors traveling alone.

WeDriveTampa.Com provides transportation to minors traveling alone on Point-to-point and Airport pick-ups / drop-offs services only. Minor(s) full name(s), contact telephone numbers for parent, authorized representative and carrier responsible party (airport / port pick-ups and drop-offs)  at both origin and destination need have to be provided at least 24 hours prior to pick-up time. WeDriveTampa.Com will exercise best efforts to provide Chauffeur’s name and contact information at least 12 hours prior to pickup time. Due to uncertainty of arrival times and last minute changes that can occur in travel arrangements of passengers, WeDriveTampa.Com reserves the right to substitute designated Chauffeur. Airline or any other party involved in the process of handing minor(s) over to chauffeur shall provide contact information to notify change of chauffeur and to validate relevant identification information. Under no circumstances can a stop be requested between pick-up and drop-off, other than in case of emergency, unless previously planned when booking the service.  


Child Safety Seats:

We do NOT provide any child seats, no are our chauffeurs required to install customer-provided child seats in the vehicle.


Cleanup and Damage Fees: 

Renter assumes full responsibility for the repair cost of any items damaged inside the vehicle during the term of the rental. To that effect, a miscellaneous deposit for incidentals may added to the reservation total. This deposit may not be enough to cover the total cost of damages. Renter expressly agrees to pay any shortage if the withheld deposit is insufficient to cover the cost of the repair / restoration service.

Repair costs may vary from $10 to $2000 or more depending on what is damaged. Typical repair costs are as follows: Spills/Stains: $25-$200 or more depending on extent of damage, Rips on upholstery, roof or carpet: $1000+ depending on extent of damage, vomiting, excessive trash or any other accident requiring professional restoration of any kind will be assessed a minimum fee of $300.00. Severe cases requiring replacement of carpeting or upholstery may run $1000 or more. Please use common sense to avoid the possibility of damaging the vehicle.

Food such as potato chips, popcorn, etc which can get spilled and ground into the carpet is not recommended. Excessive food, Liquid spilled or Vomit in the vehicle will be charged $200 or more due to the resulting need for more intensive carpet cleaning, professional steam cleaning, etc.

At the end of the rental, upon satisfactory inspection of the vehicle, Chauffeur will issue a refund of incidentals deposit request. Depending on the credit card issuer, it may take up to 5 business days to reflect on the credit card account.




No Smoking: 

All of our vehicles are No Smoking vehicles. Chauffeur at his sole discretion may terminate the trip with no refunds if smoking is occurring inside the vehicle. A minimum $300 cleanup fee will apply if smoking occurs in one of our vehicles. We will be happy to stop for as many smoke breaks as you need.

No Illegal Drugs: 

No illegal drugs to be carried or used in the vehicle at anytime. Chauffeur at his sole discretion may terminate the trip with no refunds if illegal activity is occurring inside the vehicle. Police may also be notified.

No Inappropriate Behavior: 

Unruly behavior, aggressive conduct towards the chauffeur or any other person, damages to the vehicle or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Emerging from the sun roof, windows, or escape hatches while the vehicle is in operation is prohibited.

Chauffeur at his sole discretion may terminate at any time or even refuse to initiate the trip at the pickup location for violation of any of the aforementioned rules and, if necessary, police may also be notified. No refund of money will be made.  We reserve the right to charge the passenger(s) and/or responsible party for damages (incidental and/or consequential) in connection with violation of these rules.

We reserve the right to refuse service as we deem appropriate and at our own discretion.

Alcoholic Beverages: 

Alcoholic Beverages are only allowed on Chartered (hourly) services. Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed on Point-to-Point transfers and Airport pick-ups / drop-offs. No underage alcohol drinking or underage possession of alcohol is allowed in the vehicle at anytime and no alcohol will be allowed into the vehicle if any passenger is under 21 years of age. Chauffeur at his sole discretion may terminate the trip with no refunds if underage drinking is occurring inside the vehicle.


Cancellation and Change Policy.

Our policies are straight forward and we stand behind all services we offer. If it becomes necessary for you to cancel a reservation, please contact us immediately by calling 1-844-938-2672 or by EMAIL. We are flexible and happy to work with you and your company if you need to change departure or arrival times as long as these changes are made within a timely manner. Any changes are subject to availability. Cancellations resulting from not being able to accommodate a change in the reservation will be subject to our cancellation policy. To avoid being charged the full price of the reservation, cancellations have to be requested before the allotted time periods, as follows:


 Airport Pick-up and Drop-off: 

If cancellation is made less than four hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time, we will charge 100% of original fee. Any flight changes (airline, flight number and origin) need to be notified to our offices at least four hours in advance to avoid a NO-Show fee charge. Flight arrival delays exceeding two hours but less than four hours from the original scheduled arrival time are subject to a surcharge of 50% of the original fee. If wait time exceeds four hours from the original pick-up time, the reservation will automatically be converted to a charter (hourly) service and charged at vehicle’s standard hourly rates, as noted in the reservation confirmation.


 For Point-to-Point service: 

If cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance we will charge client 100% of original fee. Payments received are refundable when cancellation is made in written up to seven days before the scheduled service. Refund request made within less than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled service date will be issued as credit for future bookings. 


             For Charter (Hourly) service: 

Cancellations made seven days or more in advance will incur no additional fee. If a cancellation is made within three to six days, we will charge the credit card on file 50% of original fee. If a cancellation is made less than three days prior to date of job we will charge 100% of original fee. Friday and Saturday jobs require a two week advance cancellation in order to avoid full charge.


      Special Events: 

For Holidays, Prom Dates, Weddings and other special events no refunds will be made for cancellations made 30 days or less before the scheduled pickup date. Specific Cancellation and Change Policies may apply and will be set forth in the corresponding confirmation communication for certain Special Event services.

In the event of a cancellation, any lost deposits cannot be used toward an alternate date in the future. Last minute (same day reservations) are due in full at the moment of booking and payment is non-refundable.


Should the passenger(s) fail to meet the chauffeur at the confirmed designated pick up location and time, reasonable attempts will be made to contact the passenger(s) and/or responsible parties until the expiration of the appropriate grace period, at which time a No-Show fee equal 100% of original fee will apply for ALL reservations. If there’s any difficulty locating the chauffeur or running late within the grace period, please call 1-844-938-2672 and/or the chauffeur. Leaving the pick-up location without contacting us will result in a No-Show fee charge.


Reschedule Fee :

We will charge a reschedule fee of $ 25 for SEDAN and  $ 35 for SUB, when you change you itinerary  between the 48 hours before your pick up day.


Grace Period: 

Grace Periods are NOT extensions to pick-up / drop-off times but a courtesy to our passenger(s). As such, they cannot be built into any reservation’s allotted time periods for the purpose of changes and/or cancellations. Depending upon season and our schedule, it might not be possible for the driver to wait after the grace period has expired.

·         Grace Period for Pickups FROM Airport is up to 45 minutes after flight arrival time is posted.

·         Grace period for transfers, each leg of round trips and point-to-point services (including transfers TO Airport, Cruise Terminals, Bus Stations, and Train        Stations) is up to 15 minutes. Beyond these times, a Waiting Time fee will be billed, starting from the scheduled pick-up time.

·         Charter (hourly) services have a final drop-off grace period of up to 15 minutes. If it becomes evident that final drop-off will not occur within the grace period or if the effective drop-off time is past the grace period, overtime will be billed at the appropriate vehicle’s hourly rate.


Waiting Time: 

Waiting time is always billed in 10 minute (1/6th of an hour) increments based on the appropriate vehicle's hourly rate.


Additional Stops: 

Hourly (Charter) itineraries include unlimited unplanned extra stops within the booked time period, free of charge.

For all other itinerary types, including one-way and round trip itineraries:

a.     Extra stops which are specifically mentioned when making the reservation are considered "PLANNED".

Such extra stops are INCLUDED in the reservation confirmation rate.

b.    Extra stops which are NOT specifically mentioned when making the reservation are considered "UNPLANNED". For such extra stops:


1. The driver reserves the right to decline to make the extra stop.

2. The driver reserves the right to charge an extra fee for the extra stop.

3. The fee for the extra stop is due at the time the extra stop is requested.

4. Fees collected by drivers for unplanned extra stops are NOT considered a tip/gratuity. 


Additional Stops not exceeding 10 minutes are billed at $15.00/stop for Sedan service and $15.00/stop for all other vehicle types. Over 10 minutes, waiting time will be charged in 10 minute increments at $1.00/minute for Sedan trips and $1.50/minute for all other vehicle types. Additional Stops must be en route to the destination, or the reservation will automatically be converted to a charter (hourly) service.


Be sure to reserve the vehicle for as long as you think you will need it. If you need to extend your rental we will be happy to do so as long as there is still availability, however availability of additional hours at the last minute beyond those reserved cannot be guaranteed as someone else may have already booked the vehicle right after your scheduled rental time is complete. Extensions to the rental shall be paid at or prior to the commencement of the extension time at the appropriate vehicle's hourly rate.


Note: Our online reservation system (website) terms and fees for Cancellation and Change, No-show, Grace Period, Waiting Time and Additional Stops may differ from the fees and terms set forth herein. If booking is finalized through our online reservation website, the fees and terms for Cancellation and Change, No-show, Grace Period, Waiting Time and Additional Stops described in our FAQ section of our website will be in effect.

Emergency Vehicle Substitution:

 In the unlikely event that a last minute mechanical breakdown or accident puts a vehicle temporarily out of service, WE DRIVE LLC,  (WeDriveTampa.Com and/or the corresponding affiliate, if applicable) reserves the right to substitute an alternate vehicle (or vehicles) from our fleet or from our affiliates' fleet. Alternate vehicle (or vehicles) may possibly be different in description than originally booked vehicle depending on availability, but will be similar in features and accommodate at least the same number of passengers. No refunds or discounts will be given if an alternate vehicle is provided at the agreed upon pickup time.

Lost Items: 

Renter assumes sole responsibility for any and all lost, stolen or missing personal items during the term of the rental. Please be sure to gather all your belongings when you exit the vehicle at the end of the rental. Our phone number for lost and found is 1-844-938-2672